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Promote yourself through a personal brand that will interest the hiring managers and recruiters.

When employers conduct a background check on your LinkedIn profile, will you lose out?

In a recent survey, 93% of the potential employers used LinkedIn to find high quality candidates. Some 64% of employers surveyed said that they will search for your LinkedIn profiles before the interview process.It is important to have an optimized and professional profile so hiring managers will take you seriously. Resume Writer Plus provides Linkedin Profile Writing Services that will maximize your exposure using advanced SEO techniques that will help you get noticed and reach the next step in your career.



Personalized LinkedIn Profile with free background image

What To Expect with Linkedin Profile Writing Services:

Complete overhaul of your profile, from headline, summary, and experience section

Research for the appropriate keywords based on target job

Complete rewrite in the first person narrative

LinkedIn background image

Unlimited revisions

3 business days delivery

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When You Hire Resume Writer Plus

  You’ll be guaranteed the following:

Personal Branding

Our Linkedin Profile Writing Services team are Professional Branding Specialists and expert Linkedin writers will transform your underperforming LinkedIn profile into a career tool that impresses your network of connections, builds your brand, and helps you achieve your goals.


Keyword Optimized

Our goal is for you to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. We will use the appropriate keywords that prospective employers are using so that your LinkedIn profile performs well in search and that YOU WILL BE FOUND.

Unlimited Revision

We offer unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with your LinkedIn profile.

There’s a professional story that demands to be told, get started by hiring us today!

With our Linkedin Profile Writing Services, you get a Personalized LinkedIn Profile with free background image

Better Resumes Equals Better Opportunities

A few companies that our applicants have achieved success at:



We gathered the most common and top questions of our clients. To help you better understand our resume writing services, we provided the best responses to each concern.

Do you work with clients outside of the U.S.?

Yes! We work with clients anywhere in the world. Here are things non-U.S. clients need to know:

Phone consultations outside of the U.S. will be held over a zoom call to avoid international phone charges.
CVs/resumes can differ, so please check your region’s requirements before purchasing one of our resume packages. The resumes that we create:

Do not include photos
Do not include any personal demographic information such as marital status
Use a maximum of 2 pages

Are your resumes optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

Yes! We optimize keywords from the job links you send to us and use an elegant ATS-compliant formatting to make sure those keywords scan properly.

Can you write me a general resume that will get me any kind of job?

Unfortunately, employers are not interested in ‘vanilla’ candidates and genuinely appreciate when a resume is skillfully crafted based on the job target. In todays job market, only resumes that clearly showcase the qualifications for the specific job get called in for interviews.

Can I see samples of resumes you’ve produced?

Absolutely – You can view some successful resumes and cover letters here.
Note: here - link to Resume sample page

Will my writer have experience working in my field?

Our team has served hundreds, if not thousands, of clients in your industry, and your documents will benefit from all of that experience. We have countless resources available to our writers (including assistance from proofreaders and senior writers) to ensure targeted and optimized resumes.

How long does it take for my resume to be completed?

Once we receive your payment and the answered questionnaire, we will send you your initial draft based on the package that you have purchased.

Starter Package - 4 business days

Advanced Package - 3 business days

Professional - 3 business days

Executive - 2  business days

Note: We offer a 24 hour rush service fee for $100. 

Visual, Infographic or text resume? Which one to use?

Each style has its own purpose. If you’re applying for a formal profession, the text resume format works best. A visual resume contains graphic representations of your key highlights and skills to create a visual impact on recruiters. If you’re applying for a graphic designer or any design job position, you can use either visual or infographic but it doesn't matter which one to use, the important thing is your resume is the marketing strategy of a brand, and that is you.

Do I really need a custom tailor resume?

Yes! At Resume Writer Plus, we pride ourselves on quality output. Your resume will be unique, tailored around your skills, qualifications, experience and your ultimate goal. This means that each time you apply for a job there will be something new in your background that relates to them! Our writers pay close attention to detail to ensure that every letter is formatted perfectly as well as having all of the information needed to land you a desirable position.

Can I speak with my resume writer?

Yes!  Once we receive your answers to the questionnaire, your assigned resume writer will contact you via email to set a schedule and time for a call. If you do not wish to speak, or have the time, you can simply fill out  the RESUME QUESTIONNAIRE and get started.

What is our refund policy?

We offer money back guaranteed with no questions asked for up to 14 days. Once you receive a draft of your new resume, you will be entitled to a refund of 50% the original purchase price instead of a full refund. Up until that point, you will be entitled to a refund of 100% the original purchase price.

Where do I send my resume?

If you haven't already, please fill out the order form. If you have any questions or concerns about your job please let us know in the instructions box during checkout! You can also contact us by emailing

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