Privacy Policy

Stated below are Resume Writer Plus policies for the collection of personal data when
accessing its website. These policies aim to provide you with clear understanding of the
utilization, process and disposal of data gathered from its clients.


Resume Writer Plus highly values the trust and confidence given by its clients. In order to reciprocate this, the company has formulated a set of standards and policies to protect its clientele. This is achieved by strictly imposing that each member of the team should adhere to the policies and standards.

To further strengthen security, privacy and confidentiality, Resume Writer Plus will not provide or offer any information to a third party. Such will only be possible, if the transaction process demands it and/or with a written consent from the clients.

To show its commitment to the enactment of these policies, enumerated below are the specific guidelines set by Resume Writer Plus:

  1. Resume Writer Plus web page and services are accessible to anyone browsing on the internet. Access to its website does not require entering personal information. Such data will only be required, when a site visitor inquires or purchases a service/package from Resume Writer Plus. Such information is necessary for processing a transaction and efficiently delivering services/products.

    The essential data required by the site includes but not limited to the visitors’ identity, which can be only determined by collecting details in relation to financial transactions, workplace and professional background.

    Particularly, Resume Writer Plus gathers the clients’ name, home address, contact information such as telephone /mobile number, fax number and e- mail address, education and employment history.

    To further establish its clients’ identity, Resume Writer Plus inquires about their nationality and financial account or credit card information.


  2. Information gathered by Resume Writer Plus is kept under strict confidentiality in its archives. It will be kept in the archives as long as the site provides services to its clients. Resume Writer Plus ensures the proper utilization of such information from its patrons.




  3. The utilization of the clients’ data will be solely used for the following purposes:


    – To provide constant and effective communication between the clients and the company on the duration of the services being availed by the patrons. This communication may come through various channels.

    – To verify information needed in accomplishing written works, as indicated in the services/products provided by the website.

    – To produce quality written materials suited to the needs of the clients.

    – To process and complete transactions.


  4. As deemed necessary for delivering orders, processing payments, and availing support services, the storage and transfer of clients’ information will be performed.

    Resume Writer Plus does not gain profit by selling this information to a third party.

  5. As clients avail of the services/products from the webpage, Resume Writer Plus will not be held liable to any lost or risk being experienced in relation to the information given. They should be well aware of these possibilities, whenever making transactions in the internet. Be it with Resume Writer Plus or not.

    However, the company will perform all necessary procedures and employ advanced security to avoid occurrence of such circumstances.


  6. Resume Writer Plus secures all the information gathered during the transactions with clients and other site visitors. Whereas, unnecessary data are being disposed with proper precautions.

    Disclosure will be limited to transactional processes and purposes only. Confidentiality will not be observed given the following circumstances:

    – To secure payment, to deliver orders through courier services and other agencies that may help in the process of providing the site’s services/ products.

    – To show adherence on laws being promulgated within the state and to comply with requests which are also guided by state laws implemented by proper government authorities and /or court of law. 

    – To protect the property or rights of Resume Writer Plus, third parties and majority of the public. 


  7. Patrons / clients from the site have the right to access their information stored by Resume Writer Plus. The information can be accessed by request from the company. In return the company will exercise the process of confirming identity before releasing requested data.


For more queries regarding the Privacy Policy, you may email us using the CONTACT PAGE.


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