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BeATS the resume reading robot

​​Resume Writer Plus helps you beat the resume reading robot by using professional writers to generate a personalized, custom-made resume just for you.

The program analyzes your career objectives and work experience to create a customized resume that is perfect for your needs.

It also includes helpful tips on what recruiters are looking for in resumes so that you can present yourself as an attractive candidate with the best chance of landing interviews.

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Get matched with an expert writer

Resume Writer Plus is an online service that matches you with a professional resume writer.

Our certified writers are experts in their field and will work with you to create the perfect resume for your needs. You’ll receive edits, proofreading and revisions until your resume is 100% ready to be submitted.

With Resume Writer Plus, there’s no need to spend hours worrying about how to write a resume or what format it should be in – we do all of the heavy lifting for you!

Let us take care of everything while you focus on other things like finding a job!

Work one-on-one to craft your career story

Our service offers you the opportunity to work one-on-one with an expert writer for your resume.

The process is designed for busy professionals who don’t have time to write their own resumes but still need a professional document that will make them stand out from the competition.

You can choose whether you want our writers to create a new resume or edit your current one. Our team of experts are ready to help you land that next great job!

Receive a resume tailored to your goals

Resume Writer Plus will help you to create a resume tailored to your goals. With this service, you can get everything from an overview of the process to a final draft of your completed document.

The company provides access to professional writers who are qualified in various fields and industries so that they can provide the right support for your needs. You’ll also have access to expert advice on how best to present yourself in order with keywords, formatting and content recommendations.

This is all done by professionals who know what employers look for when hiring new employees, so you don’t need any experience or knowledge about resumes before using their services.

About Us

Resume Writer Plus is made up of a team of professional resume writers who are committed to helping you successfully land your dream job. We understand that resumes are the first thing employers see and should be designed specifically for the position you’re applying for. That`s why we work with you one-on-one to create an individualized resume tailored just for you! 


Whether you need help formatting or updating your current resume, or if this is your first time writing a resume, Resume Writer Plus can provide assistance in any stage of the process. Our certified experts will guide you through all stages of creating a professional and compelling document that highlights your unique skills and achievements while showcasing how these qualities make you an ideal candidate for the role.

Kind Words From Our Happy Customers

“Helped me land my dream job! Thank you for your assistance with fixing my resume.”

Ellen Petersen

“I didn’t know where to start when it comes to writing a resume. I’ve been putting it off for so long because I was so confused. Your team helped sort out my situation, and now I can submit my resume with confidence.”

John Davis

“Resume Writer Plus made my life so much easier. They helped me with the whole process of building my resume. I’m finally getting interviews!”

Stephanie Bailey

Tips in creating an awesome resume

A resume is a summary of your qualifications to obtain a certain position. It is not necessary that you use the same format to write resumes. What are essential are the contents listed in your resume.

A resume consists of the following components: Contact information/address, Key skills or certifications, Job objective, Career summary or highlights, Educational background, Additional skills and work experience. To be more specific on how to write these parts of a resume, here are tips for you:

Key Skills Or Certifications

This part is where you list the key skills that will help employers identify your competence and capability. You can write down about 5 to 10 skills here.

Be sure to include essential skills for the position you are applying for. Key certifications can also be listed in this section if applicable to your course or work.

For example, a resume writer would include writing certification as a key skill after knowing what kind of jobs he/she wants to apply for.

Job Objective

The first sentence of this section should be used as an introduction which highlights why employers need you on their team.

It should lure readers into reading further so they will know more about how they benefit from hiring you.

Write a statement that is attention-grabbing and powerful.

Career Summary Or Highlights

A career summary or highlights section is where you highlight your most important accomplishments from past jobs that will help convince employers that you are worthy of an interview.

This is also where you boast some of your outstanding qualities and how these qualities can be helpful for the job position.

Listing experiences with numbers gives readers more impact, so try to use figures here as much as possible. If writing about quantitative data is not within your writing capabilities, then listing qualitative information such as awards, recognitions, certifications, etc., may just say enough on their own.

Just remember that using terms such as “leading the team” or “achieved high sales record” are not specific enough, so you need to include the numbers for your statement to have more meaning.

Our career expert is here for you!

Resume Writer Plus is an online service that helps you write your resume, cover letter and interview answers. Our expert knows what employers want to see on a resume so they are the perfect person to help you get started. The best part? You can find out how much it will cost before you start writing your resume! Resume Writer Plus also has excellent customer service with quick responses for any questions or worries.

Resume Writer Plus provides the best resume service online, offering affordable prices for high-quality results. This service has been carefully crafted by certified professionals who are experts in their fields. They will work with you to produce an exceptional document that represents your skills and experience accurately. You can also reach out to support staff members anytime during the process if you have any questions or concerns about your order, making our customer service second to none!

Want a free resume analysis?

Resume Writer Plus also provides free resume analysis services. Why ask someone else for help when professionals can tell you what you need to work on? We’re confident in our certified writers, so we want you to be confident in the work that they do.

If your resume needs improvement, don’t worry! Our expert will analyze your current resume and tell you which parts need revision, if any at all. We have a team of certified resume writers from all over the world to assist you in creating your resumes. Our experts are available 24/7, ready to help anytime! Contact us today!

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